Living the Quest After the Message for January 29, 2012

This past Sunday we looked at the Beauty in the Greatest Mystery, enjoying discovering who God is in the Trinity and how that invites us to live life in friendship and community.  We also looked at the implications of God as one God eternally existent in three persons in relation to other religious views, illustrating how once again the truth that what we think of God is the most important thought we have in life.  Join us this next Sunday as we look at the Real Jesus in a character defining time period of His life and how following Him transforms our lives.

Devotional Ideas

- Read John 17, Jesus’ prayer:

  • In what ways do you see the dance of the relationship of love among the members of the Trinity?
  • Jesus’ prayer says His desire is to give us fullness of joy and to even glorify us, as He and the Father glorify one another and are one—inviting us into the very life of the Trinity.  Close your eyes and meditate on receiving the joy God wants to give you.

- Read Romans 8:14-16 in which the picture of entering into the dance of relationship with the Trinity is described through the idea of being adopted as a child—co-heirs.

  • Picture yourself as the child of God—co-heirs with Jesus.  What does that make you feel, think?
  • How does that challenge the way you view yourself as a follower of Christ?  How does that invite you, if you are not a committed follower of Christ?
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